Zhen Liu

Zhen liu is the largest city in the valley of the new lands. it was constructed by a paladin of pelor and to this day retains a theocratic monarch of the same affiliation. aside from the king the major powers of the city are divided into the priest of other religons, the military and the noble families.


church of kord- located near the military quarter church of the raven queen- located in the market district church of Ioun- located in the nobles quarter church of Erathis- located in the market district


the city has several cults to evil gods, most notably that of Zehir patron of thieves.

Noble families

Wu- a family following a strict and ancient arcane tradition. The late Wu Shen a high ranking member of this family had employed this tradition along with his necromantic powers.

Rhen- a family who see themselves as divine judges, they posses a strong divine tradition in the name of Erathis.

Tsao- a family of merchants who control most trade in and out of Zhen Liu’s North gate.

Zhen Liu

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