Chaos Over Zhen Liu

Captured by orcs.

Heading out of the city Zhen Liu with mercenary borat in-tow mercy peddler, jasonborne, glados, Bhadass, headed north to parle with the orcish cheiften in order to negotiate a treaty between the orcs and zhen liu. near the end of the parties rest on the first night the party encountered a young moorwen in the woods, they were able to defeat it without much difficulty. eventually the party encountered orcs in the wood loyal to the shamans, who they surrendered to. they were then dragged to a cave that possessed a strong connection to the elemental chaos were they were attacked by 14 chaos-touched, using the mutability of the caves nature they were able to temporarily turn into gods and demigods in order to defeat their assailants.


we temperally believed we were gods, by the way my character still thinks he is Orcus. He might have an identity crisis, but I am still working that out

Captured by orcs.

New Goal: Vecna II.

Captured by orcs.

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